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Ship model HMS Victory, flagship of Admiral Nelson 1805 at Trafalgar   Ship model Wappen von Hamburg of 1720   Ship model English brig of 1750


Beautiful, finely worked sailing ship models



You like ship models? You look for a tall ship model or for information and ship model photos helping you in building your own ship model?
Or simply because the sailing ship is the most beautiful thing man has made?

You have come to the right place!

Click on the photos!

This site is dedicated to the art of ship model building.

The site shows more than 4000 high resolution photographs of tall ship models of all ages. All are beautiful decorative pieces, many are museum quality. Most of them are wooden model sailing ships of the Great Age of Sail.

We give a short summary on the history of the original ships, a description of the ship models and many high resolution photos of the models, taken as views of the entire ship model and closer views of details. Those of you interested in model ship making will find an extensive literature list and links to sites about ship models, model boats, yacht models, and maritime and naval related sites. Have a look at our ship model gallery.


The ship shown above, left, is HMS VICTORY, Nelson's flagship at Trafalgar 1805.

The ship in the middle is WAPEN VON HAMBURG (III), a convoy ship of the City of Hamburg 1720.

The ship on the right is an English brig of 1750.

There are many other other fine ships in our galleries,
  such as the English frigate HMS DIANA of 1794 ...

Historic ship models - frigate DIANA of 1794


   ... the Italian training ship AMERIGO VESPUCCI, built in 1930 ...

Tall ship model Amerigo Vespucci


     ... or the Swedish VASA of 1628 ...

Historic ship model - Swedish VASA of 1628


               ... or the English SOVEREIGN OF THE SEAS, launched in 1637.

Tall ship model - Sovereign of the Seas of 1637